Ants In the Pants

Young children are a blast to teach.  I am having a great time at a school who asked me to come in and teach till the end of the year because their music teacher left.

I have a very different style of teaching than my predecessor. I use my guitar mostly and sometimes my Ipod which will give me even more freedom at times for hand motion; and at times I will do things acapella.  I like to teach the kids poems sometimes and they really enjoy it, and I am famous for singing books.

Last week, I did the Allard’s piece, “Ants In the Pants.”  I started out with saying that I had a problem.  Of course the kids asked me what kind of problem, and I answered that I had ants in my pants and I needed help. 99% of the class started giggling, but this little girl asked me very seriously if she could see my ants in my pants.  I told her that I could not show them to her, so I began the song.  She did participate.  The class had a great time with the song.  They loved the movements and of course I am playing guitar and doing the movements with them.  When I was done with the song, I told the kids that I know longer had the ants in my pants. The little girl asked me if I could show her how they left and if she could see them.  She was so serious and so concerned!  Not scared, just concerned.  Her teacher and I got such a kick out of it!

With students in general I find that quirkiness really captures them and I am that type of person so it is easy.  It makes classes more fun and at times unpredictable in a positive way.  Even when I am teaching other subjects, it is good to be a little unpredictable, quirky, and fun.  

So, lets go out there teaching with Ants In the Pants!






About cantorrisa

I am a Cantor, Judaic Studies, and music teacher. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and help people from young to old love being Jewish. I teach and sing in several synagogues and schools in the area. I officiate all life cycle events and teach students, children and adults, privately for their b'nai mitzvah ceremonies. I also enjoy studying Bible with all faiths either individually or in small groups (chevruta). I conduct Shabbat and High Holiday Services at K'hilat Bayt Shira and Senior Communities in the area. In my spare time, I teach key board and guitar. I am married to a wonderful man, have two children and six grandchildren. My hobbies are writing, playing and listening to music, learning, reading, crocheting and knitting.
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