From Toddlers to Adults

I am so lucky! I get to teach students from toddlers to adults.

We are now about to celebrate Passover, the birth of the Jewish Nation. Depending on the ages of the students, there are so many ways to approach this holiday.

Of course being a musician, I teach a lot with music. With the Preschoolers I teach with the combination of story telling and music. Today, I received an unbelievable compliment from a person from Family Central which made my day. She sat in one of my three year old classes. She came up to me afterwards, and told my I am “unbelievable.” When I asked her why, she said that she could not get over how I engage the students with my combination of storytelling; inviting feedback from the children; putting my music in order of the story; and adding motion and movement. It made my day! One of the songs I did with the kids is Marching Across the Sea by the Allards. I asked the kids how we got across the Sea of Reeds. I get answers like, build a bridge (which I think is brilliant), use a submarine, jump, walk, a rowboat, and lots more.

My sixth graders are amazing. I started Passover by giving them somewhat of a timeline to give them an idea of how long ago our redemption took place. When I spoke about our reaching Mt. Sinai, one of the students told me he does not believe “much” in God and that he does not believe that God gave us the Torah. He believes that Torah was authored by a few people. He said it in a way that I may judge him. I assured him I would not do that. Through education and life experience, he would either keep his present beliefs or one day believe that God gave us the Torah. What I asked him to do was to study it more because whether man wrote the Torah or God gave us the Torah, it is five books of lessons to learn from as well as a lot of good stories.

My Adult Hebrew Class ended last night with a review of the prayers that were taught and reviewing some Hebrew reading rules; and a congratulatory cake. It was bittersweet. I am proud of my students, of how far they have come, but of course sad that it ended. We are looking to start another class for Hebrew readers. It will be a 6 week class that will begin after Passover. Contact me if you would like to join me!

It is time to be seriously getting ready for Passover in my house. Close to having the menu completed, shopping completed, and getting RSVPs for second night. A lot to do!

Matza, wine, and more, OH MY!

About cantorrisa

I am a Cantor, Judaic Studies, and music teacher. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and help people from young to old love being Jewish. I teach and sing in several synagogues and schools in the area. I officiate all life cycle events and teach students, children and adults, privately for their b'nai mitzvah ceremonies. I also enjoy studying Bible with all faiths either individually or in small groups (chevruta). I conduct Shabbat and High Holiday Services at K'hilat Bayt Shira and Senior Communities in the area. In my spare time, I teach key board and guitar. I am married to a wonderful man, have two children and six grandchildren. My hobbies are writing, playing and listening to music, learning, reading, crocheting and knitting.
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