All In A Day

Very exciting stuff happening the past couple of days!
I finished, I mean finished writing my melody to Adon Olam, my first attempt in writing music. I sent it out to two people and received one answer back from a friend in MA saying she loved it! I am soooo excited! We’ll see what other people say. I am hoping that it will get used in synagogues and choirs. It is a melody that is very easy to learn and singable in congregations, yet beautiful. I can imagine the harmony! I make it a little more flowery than the written melody, and my friend said she jazzed it up a bit. That is perfectly OK! I am hoping to put an MP3 on my web site, or my daughter-in-law will, I should say.
Yesterday, I wrote out a melody that my younger brother would hum himself to sleep to. I call him one of the original head-bangers. We shared a bedroom when we were young and I would listen to him bang his head on the pillow and hum the melody until he fell asleep. Well, I notated it and adapted it to Adon Olam as well because the lyrics to this prayer is adaptable to most melodies if not all! I titled it Adon Olam, My Brother’s Melody. I am going to mail it to him. He told me, when I called to wish him a happy birthday, that he doesn’t remember the melody he fell asleep to. It is one of the few childhood memories that I have! I have used it a couple of times. In fact, one of my students chose it for his Bar Mitzvah Ceremony last year. I give my students a choice of three melodies that they can use at the end of their ceremony. I always include one of the traditional congregational melodies. Most of the time, the students choose that the traditional. I believe that some are familiar with that one.
Well, this morning was one of my grandchildren’s first day in Kindergarten, and I met him and our oldest son at the school. Very exciting! My grandson was in great spritis and very excited! He did seem a little overwhelmed, understandably so! All the parents met in the cafeteria with their kids and then the teacher took them to the classroom. My grandson really surprised me when he asked a fellow student his name and took his hand to shake it! What a mentch! As we were leaving the building, his teacher even said to us that he was so confident! I am relieved. Of course I cried as he left us. I didn’t know I would! Our son said, he thought he would be the one to cry.
Now today I will seriously start polishing my High Holiday music (I goofed off a lot this summer! I needed to.) and get ready for my first week, which starts tomorrow. Some of my schools are starting me this week, some next week. It’s kind of good so I get weaned into the insanity!
I am excited! I made a sample of a round challah cover I will be making with one of my pre-schools. I will be putting a pic of it on my Facebook page. I took a sheet of felt; 2 doilies, pasted the doilies on each other then on the felt; cut the felt to the size around the doily and put stickers on it to dress it up. It’s cute and something that can really be used for Rosh Hashanah dinner!
Well, have a great first day everyone, and if you read this blog later, I hope you all had a great first day of school!

About cantorrisa

I am a Cantor, Judaic Studies, and music teacher. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and help people from young to old love being Jewish. I teach and sing in several synagogues and schools in the area. I officiate all life cycle events and teach students, children and adults, privately for their b'nai mitzvah ceremonies. I also enjoy studying Bible with all faiths either individually or in small groups (chevruta). I conduct Shabbat and High Holiday Services at K'hilat Bayt Shira and Senior Communities in the area. In my spare time, I teach key board and guitar. I am married to a wonderful man, have two children and six grandchildren. My hobbies are writing, playing and listening to music, learning, reading, crocheting and knitting.
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